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About Author A.M. Willard

This is one of the section’s that I like to skip – I mean who wants to just talk about themselves? I surely don’t, but I guess I will type up a few things so y’all can get to know me better.

I’m a wife to my soulmate for the last twenty-something years… A mother of an AMAZING son… Zookeeper to our plethora of animals. Yes, I say zoo because we are now up to a total of six chickens, two goats, three cats, and one dog. The sad thing is our chickens which are my girls are getting old, and we are thinking of adding to our collection. Oh, and before you ask no my older gals will stay around until they just can’t be with us anymore. I’ve been known to rescue a cat from a hurricane or parking lot from time to time, and this always leads to me keeping them. Okay, enough about my stock in animals.

I’ve had people ask why and how I can write HEA’s (happily ever after’s) and that answer is simple… I’m a hopeless romantic, and when you find your one true person, you believe in love at first sight. I can honestly say that I knew when I met my husband in middle school that I would one day marry him. I have a mild obsession with the Hallmark Channel and can be found binge watching them from the DVR in my downtime. This all helps with the behind the scenes of my sassy romance. Shh…. Don’t tell Mr. Willard as I wouldn’t want him to get a big head for our love life. We shall keep this little bit of information between us. (wink … wink)

Motherhood… This has been one of the best and craziest things in my life to happen. For years we tried to conceive and thought it just wasn’t in the cards for us. We were pretty shocked when that test showed two active lines. Now, the funny part of this experience was Mr. Willard thought it meant twins. I might have led him on for a few days to just mess with him. However, I wouldn’t change anything and couldn’t be happier as I watch him turn into the young man we are molding.

Writer… Author… Blogger… Novelist… That’s how I sum up the rest of me, and this has to be one of the biggest accomplishments that I’ve ever done – well outside of the others I guess.

As a small child, I always had a vivid imagination and would come up with stories to entertain my friends and family. It wasn’t until after my father’s death that I picked up a pen and notebook and began writing those built up emotions. I used it as a way out of the grief, letting all the jumbled mess escape in the best way that I knew how to do it. Years, later with my husband’s support he encouraged me to follow my dreams – that lead to the very first release in April of 2014. Once I hit that publish button, I couldn’t stop. It was like all those years that I kept the words hidden; they finally had a chance to be heard. With each release, I mark another goal off. I strive for the next title to be better than the last, and most of all to be able to reach out and touch someone with the words I’m able to create. This can be a touching moment, laughter, sassy pants, or something as small as a character’s name. Each new chapter is a part of me and my life. So for this, I thank you all, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.

Stay Sassy,

A.M. Willard

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