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Spicy Sweets Vol 4 of a Taste of Love Series 

Releases: December 7, 2017 

Natasha & Diesel coming December 2017
The final installment of the Taste of Love Series

(Blurb subject to change)
I said ‘I do’ to the first guy to sweep me off my feet after my heart shattered all those years ago. I didn’t just vow to love him- nope, I signed on that line for both him and his daughter.
This lifestyle is new and one that I never thought I’d want. Why? Because over the years, my job and friends were the most important thing to me. Don’t get me wrong; the girls are still my family. It’s just this tattooed mechanic changed my outlook on love. Let’s not forget that the cute blonde haired princess has me wrapped around her fingers, and I’d do anything to protect her.
Love isn’t always easy… Nope, and we already have a few problems to work through.
I’m not her mother, and the guy that broke my heart all those years ago works in the office next to me.
You guessed it; things are about to get a little spicy when love goes sideways.

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