One Night Series

One Night Volume 1



A billionaire romance!

A stranger asked me for one night…
One night to give into the pleasure that he thought only he could give me. I know in the end it’ll change me, and that’s something that I’ll have to live with. However, I never expected the tall, confident stranger to end up being the playboy billionaire I was hired to work for.
The rules will have to change, or I’ll have to walk away from one of the biggest deals in my career.

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One More Night Volume 2 



My playboy billionaire wants one more night to work me out of his system. There’s one tiny problem with this – I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of him. I knew accepting that one night challenge would tilt my world upside down, I just wasn’t ready for how much would change. We both still have an empire to run while figuring out if we can mix business with pleasure. I vote for pleasure!


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Forever Night Volume 3

Being burned before has caused me to tread lightly with the one person that I never thought would want to settle down – my playboy. He has the power to shatter my faith, my trust, and my heart – do I vow to give him forever when nothing is guaranteed? I should walk away, but I crave what he can give me – that’s pleasure and love.

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One Night Series The Complete Series 

One Night Series: A Billionaire Romance Box-Set

In this complete series, we watch the playboy chase the girl, and the girl chase the playboy.

Who’ll catch who in the end?

One Night was all he wanted with me… One night to get his thrill with a stranger in a bar… One night to have his way with me and walk away… Jokes on both of us because the rules just changed.

I work for him!

He’s the billionaire playboy.

He took my heart that first night.

Can we both walk away, or stick it out as we run our empires together? Can I really tame the playboy of all playboy’s? I don’t know, but I’m sure as heck going to try.

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One More Christmas Volume 4

One More Christmas – One Night Series Holiday Edition

Tired of the snow, I talk Logan into spending the Christmas holidays at our island home. It’s time for some reconnecting as our lives have been hectic. Between work and our son, it seems so vanilla these days. Don’t get me wrong, my Playboy is still the one that heats up the bedroom – I just want to reconnect with my old self.

I want sun, sand, and him with some mistletoe under the tree this season. Nothing wrong with a little love and action this holiday season to melt the snow away.



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