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One Night Series

One Night Volume 1

One Night Vol 1
Angela Stephens is happy isn’t she? She’s married and has the career she’s always wanted. Traveling the world has always been her dream, but what happens when the distance between her and Christopher is put to the test? Will Angela give in to one night of pure bliss with a stranger?

Book one of the One Night Series is intended for readers over 18 due to sexual situations. This series isn’t about adultery, as it is about learning to let go of what would never work and finding the one you’re destined to love.

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One More Night Volume 2 

One More Night Vol 2 Logan Black asked for one more night with Angela when they said it would only be one. He’s a man that knows what he wants, and not to mention he usually gets it. Does Logan feel she’s a match for him or is it because she’s playing hard to get?

Can Angela save her marriage? Does she want to? What secrets is Christopher keeping from her? Is it too late for Angela to have it all? Will she find true happiness and love, along with the family she has always yearned for?

Join us in book two of the One Night Series where we continue to learn new things about this love triangle and nothing is as it seems.

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Forever Night Volume 3

Forever Night Vol 3

When your heart’s shattered, what’s better than the wealthy alpha Logan Black to pick up the pieces?

Angela’s marriage was full of secrets and lies, which has caused her to believe the rumors staring back at her in black and white. Will she allow this to hold her back from her desires? Or will she give into the ultimate playboy?

Logan Black has it all… Well, it seems that he’s missing one thing; and that’s Angela. Logan wants forever with her, but is it too late to win Angela over? Can he give her everything and more?

Forever Night is the last installment of the One Night Series, and hopefully the ending of a love triangle like no other. Join us as author A.M. Willard takes you on one last roller coaster with a sexy bartender.

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One Night Series Box-Set 

One Night Series Box-Set

The One Night Series: A Billionaire Romance Box-Set includes all three novellas to give the readers a complete novel.

Logan Black, the wealthy playboy turn’s Angela Stephens world upside down in more ways than she can imagine. Nothing is as it seems when two people desire more from life, and fight against all odds.

One Night, One More Night, and Forever Night have come together for one alpha packed romance.

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One More Christmas Volume 4

onemorechristmasebook-copyOne More Christmas – One Night Series Holiday Edition

This can be read as a standalone.

In this companion to the One Night Series, we invite you to join Angela and Logan Black for a Tropical Christmas. This special holiday edition will get the heat turned up a few degrees, and we aren’t just talking about the Island’s sun. It might just get hot enough to melt the snow all the way back home in New York.

Leaving the frigid winter weather and their hectic lives behind, Logan and Angela head to the Islands to celebrate Christmas with their son Graham.

What do you give the man who has everything? Something money can’t buy… Family. Love. Memories.
Special guest appearances from Tabitha and Carter, because what’s a Christmas without your favorite glitter girl?


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