Unexpected Chances

Unexpected Chances Vol 1 the Chances Series 

Unexpected Chances

Can two wounded hearts find solace in each other?

Tabitha Michaelson is a fun-loving, sassy girl who loves anything that sparkles. Burned by love, she takes a vow to lock her heart up and throw away the key, spending years perfecting her happy facade and not letting anyone get too close.

In a chance encounter, Tabitha meets her match in Carter Northwood. Surrounded by lies, threats and a tangled web of disaster, Carter knows that taking a chance on true love would cause the world around him to tumble down like a spiral staircase.

Drawn to each other from the start, Tabitha and Carter discover if their passion is enough as they learn to trust in this fast-paced and suspenseful novel that will leave you hungering for more.

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Unexpected Chances was Book of the month in October 2015

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