Boys Volume TWO is LIVE

I didn’t think today would get her, but it FINALLY did… I wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that Boys, Toys – Oh My! Vol 2 is up and ready for everyone on ALL sales channels. I know some of you have been refreshing and refreshing to see if it was up and live and I thank you for that. 

Here’s what some early readers are saying right now about this volume. Oh and for good measure, I’ll add some top quotes that they are loving too. 

Early Reviews

“Another hilarious installment in Charlie and Coppers story. I love Charlie and her awkward personality. She so real, you cant help but like her. I love Ginger and how she’s always got Charlie’s back. I cant wait for more.”

“Boys, Toys Vol 2 is wonderfully well written, witty, romantic novella full of sexual tension that you can cut with a knife. In the mix we get Quirky, Clumsy Charlie, Hottie Mac Hottie Cooper, Douchbag Ex and Crazy Ass Friends, whats not to love. Bring on Vol 3 can’t wait to see what happens next.”

“A.M. Willard does not disappoint with this follow-on story. The storyline is awesome; your favorite characters are back–including Dean, the crappy ex; and the world is just a better place for having this book available with One-Click.”


“When your lips touch mine I fall down, and stupid stuff comes from my mouth.”

“He has the power to ruin my faith in love.”

“Let me know how that works, because that man wants in your pants…”

“Hell, who am I kidding it’s not just my body, it’s everything – my heart… my soul… my mind… When you crush on someone as hard as I was, apparently it just doesn’t go away.”

“I did, but this one really stuck out to me. It was like she was drawing me, and it caused my heart to skip a beat.”

I hope you all enjoy this continuation of Charlie and Cooper in Boys, Toys – Oh My! Vol 2 

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