Heated Sweets

Heated Sweets #3

Do you believe someone can change your whole perspective on life? I didn’t, but I do now…


It all happens when I meet my sexy neighbor, Evan Taylor. 

My name’s Francesca, better known as Frankie, and I’ve been hiding behind my camera for years. It’s what I know and love- not to mention the best way to disguise myself. It’s easy to make life look perfect from this side, even when yours is in shambles. My chronic illness is my biggest insecurity, and what I not only hide from myself but from the world. Good thing I have a group of friends who can supply me with massive overloads of cupcakes, or life would totally stink. 


Brody’s always been my crutch, but I knew deep down that he wouldn’t be the one I’d end up with. We just had to find a way to let the past go as we moved forward with our search of happiness. He’ll always be my hero, but sometimes in life, you need more than a cape. 


Evan Taylor is exciting and doesn’t expect me to give him the world. He accepts me for who I am with no additional pressure. Evan’s also the one who can offer me the one thing I think I can’t give him – life. With the passion and desire that we hold for each other–it might be enough to win in the end and come out from behind the camera.


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