Holiday Traditions… Do you Have one?

Hi everyone! I hope the stress level of the holidays are low, but if you’re anything like me it’s about time to kick it into high gear and freak out. This past weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday and that’s always my milestone for the month. It’s like once we get past his birthday, I can truly focus on the holiday season. At times I feel bad that he has to share his special day with the madness, but I also feel that we’ve done a good job on keeping them different.

This week I thought it would be cool to talk about traditions, and how you prepare for the following week. Do you do anything special for Christmas Eve. For those that celebrate other holidays and traditions – what do you do? I have to be honest that I don’t know much on other traditions and how they are celebrated, so I would love to hear from you on what your family does.

For the last few years Mr. Willard takes off the last few weeks of December, and we LOVE it. Especially this year when I look at the dates that he would have to work. If he wasn’t on vacation, he’d be on duty for Christmas Day. Which we’ve made work in the past, but we like it when he’s home. I know I’m greedy, but I also know we have many other holidays that he’ll miss.

So for the Willard household this is how we roll…



Last minute shopping

Oh my… Are we done yet?

Oh, did I say more baking and shopping? See, I always get the ones I have to mail done first, then I work on the local and family items next. That usually starts after the birthday as I’ve learned it stresses me out to think about it all at once. I like to use the breakdown system, and it’s helped with the stress level.

It’s funny when I started typing this I was like wait what is our tradition? It’s hard to set things in stone as we never know when Mr. Willard will be home, but the one thing that we always do is bake and get ready for the big day. Next week I’m sharing our NEW tradition on what we do on Christmas Day – stay tuned for that as I think you’ll love it.

Anyway, we usually attend dinner with the family and do a dirty Santa with everyone. We all bring a side dish and sit around talking, and enjoying each other’s company. We decided year’s ago that this was the best way with everyone’s schedule, kids, and extended families. It also allows us to create our own between everything else.

I’ve dragged out the recipes for cookies, and pies as I can’t wait to tie my apron around my waist. I love the smell of baked goods, and for those that have read the Sweets series might have already guessed that about me.

Now it’s your turn… Feel free to email or comment below with your tradition.

Can’t wait to hear from you. 

Stay Sassy, 

A.M. Willard 

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