Intimacy You Never Recover From

This week is all about romance… I had to do a ton of thinking on what I wanted to write about for this one. I mean I came up with ALL kinds of things, but I settled on this one. It steams from a quote that I love from F. Scott Fitzgerald. ‘They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.’

I wanted to break that down… I want to know what you think it means. How does it make you feel? As a writer, I can take a word and use it to create a scene, a feeling, an emotion, etc. But when we go back to the classic love stories, it most likely means something we never thought it would. Since I plan to do a romance post monthly, let’s do a little background before moving forward…

This year I’m celebrating the big 20 years of marriage… I totally need a trophy for this – Nah just kidding. Or am I? I’ve been asked how I can write true love, happily ever after’s, and you name it. That’s an easy answer. I married my best friend. I married the one I can’t wait to share my day with, my goals, my failures, my everything with. My family and friends get excited when I share the latest, but it never seems to compare to the way his face lights up when I get excited about something. And let me tell you EVERYTHING excites me. I’m like one of those bubbles you want to pop that drive you mad.

Okay, that’s enough history lesson… Let’s get to my quote now.

‘They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.’

Is the meaning behind this sexual?

Is this an emotional connection between two people?

Is this a mirage of hope?

Is it total bullshit?

Here’s my take…. I feel it means that when you find that connection with another person, you never recover. They leave a stamp on your heart that even twenty, or thirty years later you’ll never be fully recovered from that slip. That the intimacy is a connection. It’s a connection that’s unbreakable. You could even have this relate to a friendship. That one friend that even after years, you can pick up the phone and talk as if you’ve just spoken last week.

Intimacy doesn’t have to have a sexual meaning. You can have an intimate conversation with someone and it totally doesn’t have to have that underline meaning. But for this post we are totally talking about romance, and unless we are going down the path as best friends turned into hubby and wifey then let’s stick to the program.

I myself still haven’t recovered from my slip, and I love to take brisk walks (wink wink).

So what do you think this means? Does it have you thinking about the underline meaning behind the words? Have you slipped and still haven’t recovered? Let’s hear about it…

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A.M. Willard

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