One Week Left! Fun at RT17… I Need Sleep…

Happy Wednesday!!!

I can’t believe it’s already the 10th of May and we only have one week left before the release of Heated Sweets and my 40th birthday. A part of me wants to say where did the time go, but the the other half wants to say come on, I’m ready to release this book already. See that’s the problem with releases, we have to wait and it drives me NUTS… But, I can say it is well worth the wait… Well, I hope that’s the case.

If you’ve not opened the million newsletters that have gone out over the last few weeks, I’ll let you know what you’ve missed in a few.

Before we get to that I wanted to let you all know about the fun I had last week…

Have you heard of the RT Convention?

If not, you totally need to look into this amazing event and plan to go one year. I’ll admit that I was like what is all the fuss about and why do I need to go. Now that I’ve gone, I can’t wait for the next one in 2018.

People this is off the charts!!!!!

For us authors, or anyone in the industry this is a must do at least every other year or so. You will learn from the best of the best. You’ll meet amazing people. You’ll meet people that you NEVER thought possible.

I knew ahead of time the list of authors that could be floating around, and I knew going in that I would need to control myself. I’ll also admit that I was pretty proud of myself for not fainting or freaking out. Yes, I allowed the avid reader in me come out to play. Which was kind of fun because I never get to experience the events from the reader side. My head still hurts from all the notes that I took, and the things that I learned. I might still be on a RT high, but hey it was so worth it and I’m already trying to figure out how to go to Reno next year for another one.

Oh, and even though I didn’t get my picture with her, I was able to land eyes on EL James which was a treat for us all.

So who did I get to meet?

I hope I don’t forget anyone, so I’ll just add my highlights and cliff notes.

Jodie Ellen Malpas – MADE MY FLIPPING WEEK!

Sylvia Day – OMG I LOVE HER!

Katie Ashley – Just as sweet as she is on social media!

Kristen Ashley – So pretty and smart!

Chelle Bliss – Totally LOVE her and so glad I got to meet her!

TM Frazier – I want her hair!

Abbie Glines – Yes, I love her and might even more now that I met her!

And this list could go for days and days as we had over 600 authors in one hotel… Talk about an epic event!

Okay… enough of all that, let’s talk about some Heated Sweets…


I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL RELEASE DAY! The early reviews are coming in and they make me so happy. If you want a deal, then make sure you pre-order now for 99 cents because on release day the price will move up to $3.99.

That’s pretty much all I have to say while I bounce around in my chair looking over my list of stuff to get done before next week. Oh and if you go to RT, don’t plan a release around the same time… You need rest people when you come home!

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