On the Road to 40 with A.M. Willard Volume One

In 40 days I’ll be 40!  

What better way than to share the next five weeks with you guys! This can be the last days and weeks of my 30’s adventure. Not that I foresee anything exciting happening, but you never know… 

I wanted to start this back in January but then that would’ve meant I needed to remember to do this…

Where the hell has my memory gone? Like really it ran away and I can’t find it. The other day I wrote a post-it note to remind myself to order something online… A few days later I looked at the post-it note while asking myself why I wrote it… What did I do? I threw it away and then four days later I remembered why I wrote it. Apparently writing yourself notes doesn’t work anymore. What am I going to do about this? I have calendars, post it notes, reminders and it’s like they are speaking Greek to me. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but it feels that way. 

I remember picking on the hubby when he was getting close to 40 and how things were changing for him. Maybe I should’ve been a little nicer back then because let me tell you my BODY is telling me I’m close to turning 40. The good thing is I’m ready to embrace it with open arms and except the fact that I’m reaching a new milestone in my life. Back when I turned 20 it was fun and exciting as I was planning my wedding, and thinking about the future in a different way. My 30’s I jumped into them with open arms and couldn’t wait to start that era of my life… Like really it was AMAZING. My 30’s ROCKED like a hurricane- but in a good way. Now I have mixed feelings about this new era that I’m about to embark on. I’m the oldest of my friends and I have no one to guide me through the sparkling tunnel of the age monster. 

Will I wake up on my birthday with a ton more grey hair? 

Will I wake with a wrinkle? People this is a real scare for me, because currently I DO NOT HAVE THEM.. Knock on wood. But really will this happen? 

Will my bones crack more than they already do? 

Shit I need to have yearly mammograms now and that shit hurts because my boobs have already been squashed like a million times over the last year and a half.. (Yes, we had a scare but the coast is clear) Either way I have to have them now, and why do you ask? Because that road to 40 says so. 

Will I pee myself? Lord I hope not because I laugh a lot and that wouldn’t be fun… 

See these are the things that are running through my mind as I could down the last weeks of my thirties… 


Okay, let’s talk about adventures…

Is there something I need to do before I turn 40? Like do they stop letting you go on the Ferris Wheel at the fair? We recently went to the zoo and I was like a kid in the candy store.. or a squirrel as I was like oh look a bear, a giraffe, lion, oh my! 

What should I be doing to prepare for this? Do you have any thoughts, suggestions or adventures? Have you embrace a new era in your life yet? Tell us about it… Share your story and make sure to come back next week as we figure out something new that’s happened in my life… Total ADD is happening and it needs to leave with the 30’s because I ain’t got time for that.. 

Stay Sassy and let’s celebrate!

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