The Story behind the Story….

I wanted to take a moment and explain a little back history for Heated Sweets. Most of you have been following the gang since Frosted Sweets and eagerly awaiting Frankie’s story. Some have even wondered why I didn’t lead with this one, and that answer is simple. I had to work up to her story. I had to make sure that I was ready to dig deep and write this one. See, when I started this series, I wanted it to be like what our lives are like. What it’s like when you have four very different friends—how they love, how they struggle, and how life continues when you think it shouldn’t.

It’s been touched on in the past two novels, but it all comes to a head in this one. This is Frankie’s story and how she struggles in life while dealing with Endometriosis.

This is my story…

This is your story…

This might be our not so happy ending, and then again maybe it’s the ending that was meant to be.

Endometriosis affects an estimated 176 million women world wide. It doesn’t care what age, race, or socioeconomic status you are, it just attacks. Most of this story is fiction, but the symptoms and feelings are real. I can tell you that they are real, because I’ve lived with Endo for over twenty-one years. Endured thirteen surgeries and one hell of a hysterectomy along the way… For that I wanted to bring some real life to this series, some awareness to the hidden disease that we suffer silently from.

For more information on Endometriosis, visit ERC (Endometriosis Research Center) online and make a positive difference today.

It’s up to us to research, support, and empower other women that are affected by Endometriosis.

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