What’s for Dinner at the Willard’s?

It’s the last stretch until the complete madness happens… Well, it might not be in your house, but mine will be covered with wrapping paper and boxes soon. This also wraps up my last Holiday post for the year as revamp for the new year – with that comes new post. Those will range from romance, parenting, writing, and well just me being sassy with words. 

Anyway let’s chat about the last tradition we have in the Willard household…. 

Most people go with a turkey, ham, stuffing, and pies… Not here we don’t. In the many years before we did this, I would spend hours and hours in the kitchen cooking, stuffing a bird, and preparing all the sides. WHY? Why did I go an kill myself for a dinner that my house could do without. Now, don’t get me wrong – they loved the food, it was just the work that went in to it for a family of three. See we do the big family dinner with our extended family either Christmas Eve or the day after, which leaves us a TON of food no matter what. This is why we changed it a few years ago. 

We are addicted to Mexican food… Quesadilla’s, Nacho’s, Taco’s, you name it we LOVE IT!

A few years ago about a week before Christmas I was sitting down writing down our menu and the things I needed from the store. The more I talked about it, the more I started to wish I just could go to dinner. I had made a joke with Mr. Willard and our son that we should just make tacos and call it a day. To my surprise, the took the bait. I tossed out the super long list and made a new one that consisted of Mr. Willard’s famous burritos. Hold on it get’s better. It’s Christmas so we need to fancy this meal up, right? 

Here’s a sample of our new Christmas menu Willard style…

Burritos – Stuffed with Chicken, beans and rice… 

Salsa – YUMMY 

Queso Dip – Double YUMMY 

Chips – Crunchy

When we cook our weekly dose of tacos here, we just keep it simple – for Christmas we spice it up with our cheese dip and make sure we eat that before dinner. I know it’s a weird thing, but we always look forward to our special little tradition. 

The best part is we don’t leave the house that day, and this meal doesn’t require a ton of time in the kitchen. That also means we lay around in our festive pajamas and watch reruns on TV. It’s the best day of the year to me… My family is together, we’re doing it our way and in the years to come I know this is something that will never change. 

Oh I still get turkey the day before this year so I think it’s a win win for me. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Willard Family! 

Stay Sassy, and tell us your about your traditions. 

A.M. Willard 

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  1. After my oldest son heard a story about Christmas Eve tamales as a tradition, he asked if we could incorporate that into our celebrations. It was the best decision ever because it made the evening so easy! A dinner of (store bought) tamales, salad, beans left plenty of time for fun, and plenty of room for noshing on cookies.

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