What’s your Most Treasured Holiday Item? Here’s Mine.

Thanks for joining me again and I think we might have had some technically difficulties last week with comments. We should be fixed and ready to go for this week. Also, if you want to comment on last week’s feel free to do so as I’ve corrected the problem.

It’s the second week of December and today put’s us at the 17 day mark if I calculated correctly. Which also means we need to get our butts in gear, because ho ho will be here soon. I’ll admit that I’m close, but still feel as if I have a ton to do before the jolly guy shows up.

Anyway, I hope you join me this week in chatting about our most treasured holiday item. Hopefully I’m not the weird one, but then again this wouldn’t surprise me if I was all alone on the subject. Brace yourself because I even prepared myself for this post and made a cute picture to share with you.

This fireman Snoopy ornament is my treasure. Today when I sat down to write this, I had to think back to why it was so important to me. I mean I knew it was my father’s, but I have several others that either belonged to him and other family members through the years. What made this one so special to me? When inspecting the bottom I noticed that it was made in 1965, that’s the same year my dad started with the Pensacola Fire Department. From a very young age I can remember this being at the very top of the tree right under the angel. (It’s the same on my tree now) I finally remembered why it had it’s own special place. He use to tell me that it was so the angel could protect all the men and women on duty so they could return home the next day. I’m not sure who bought it for him, or even if it had any other meaning than to be a reminder of his fellow brothers and sisters. This is a question I’ll never know now, but it will forever remain at the top of my tree right under my angel.

It’s strange to think about the items you place out each and every year, and how they can reflect a childhood memory. The older I get the harder each is to remember – but if I think on it for a bit I can usually tell you exactly who gave me the item.

Do you have a favorite holiday item? Share it in the comments, and let us know your story.

Until next time, Stay Sassy!

A.M. Willard

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